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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

C# 2005 Partial Classes

I haven't updated my blog in awhile so I wanted to start off with something neat. When I first opened VS 2005, I was staring at the new features;I didn't even realize that the keyword partial was before my class name. I did however realize that there was less code and that Initialize component was missing. I soon discovered that this was because of partial classes. Partial classes allow you to split your class over many class files. This is wonderful for web development as you can just define objects in your aspx and they can be used from your code behind. You no longer have to initialize any components or controls. This is also good if you have complex classes and want to spread the logic over many class files. Who knows how dangerous that is eh?

Link: http://url123.com/dm3gr

I like this guys blog entry of how he is using partial classes. It might be dangerous but I like the risk.
Link: http://url123.com/dmv5s


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