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Monday, February 06, 2006

Rainbow 2.0 Community gets blogs

The rainbow community has upgraded to beta 3 of Community server. The more I use/admin the different versions of this platform the more I like it. Of course its got that Microsoft feel all over it but it gets the job done. I don't know of another blog engine that is close to CS. .Text is ok but with a couple more improvements CS can be as good as wordpress ( with a lot of improvements maybe).

However, I have made what I think is my fifth blog over at the community. If you create web applications or manage a CMS portal, I suggest you download rainbow and check out the community. Its a nice light weight portal that now runs on 2.0 [ thanks to myself and Anant Systems ok ok ok Microsoft helped get off my back]. It uses modules to extend it [ for now] which are just simply user controls copy and pasted. You can use aspx pages to do more task and organize controls. For better support you can wrap rainbow around your applications and use it as "portal comfort".

If you are a web admin in need of a CMS on the latest tech, rainbows your choice. Its not "boxey" like DNN and the modules dont break from version to version. CSS is raw css and you can create just about any site in existence on Rainbow. Users wont even know you are running an easily edit full fledge portal. You can even create roles of just site admins and have them make content changes to HTML modules. We also plan to spit out only XHTML so your users can use any browser across your organization or the world as rainbow supports 29 langs.

Link: Rainbow 2.0 Blogs
Link: Get Rainbow 2.0, its free


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