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Monday, March 27, 2006

Microsoft nears Final on Web Application Project

Looks like WAP developers can rest easy as MS nears final on the Web application project type. I know this as I just started work for a nice company that received a close to final copy. The WAP is for developers who are use to the vs 2003 style of web application development. Along side with the VS 2005 plugin, this new final includes a range of updates to have the same look/feel as the Web project type. When I get word of the final, Ill write a blog on it.

Link: VS 2005 WAP Snap-in
Link: Current Beta 2 Refresh

Sunday, March 05, 2006

ASP.NET destroys J2EE

I was looking around the new asp.net site and notice this awesome review of ASP.NET vs J2EE. Here is the snippet taken from ASP.NET.

In a head-to-head comparison of performance and scalability between Sun's Java Pet Store J2EE blueprint application and the ASP.NET implementation, Microsoft .NET significantly outperformed J2EE. The bottom line: the ASP.NET implementation required only 1/4th as many lines of code, was 28x faster (that's 2700%), and supported 7.6x as many concurrent users as J2EE, with only 1/6th as much processor utilization.

The link below goes to the MSDN article and the code so you can test yourself.

Link: Link to full MSDN write up