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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Microsoft Interview

Um yeah so it went ok I thought. For starters it was two developers interviewing me and not just one. Thats pretty normal for a high end job and oh yeah it is Microsoft. The questions were pretty normal with a strong emphasis on XML. They were tough but fair. I mean I know XML pretty well. You pretty much have to ;but crazy out of the world translations of it is what yah gotta know for MS. I figure it'll take me about 3 days to learn that. I mean a lot was about translating some data to the web. Proving that Microsoft does just like most companies. However, they do it the best and for millions of people around the globe. I was informed that if you for say produce a memory gap then millions of people will be affected. I mean that makes sense. I will work hard on not doing that hehehehe. Im good on mem gaps anyway because I just use controls to do things. I took the interview as more of a Consultant approach because thats what I am. I solve things. I might not remember every little bit; but I know how to get to that information and blog about how to fix it. I often use my own blog to remind myself the best way to do things. I recommend it and if you have a blog let me know. I need some good blog friends. Also I have a blog server. If you would like a free blog , hit me up. The position that I was going for was MSN developer. Its basically fast paced and what Im used to. I learned that you can dress how you want at MS which is pretty cool. Apparently someone came in wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra ala Qualtrough for the luau. I mean if I don't get hired, Im going to developer software and get famous anyway right? I hope....


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